Scope and Purpose of Site

This site is not intended to replace existing sites. It is intended to accomplish the following:

  • Centralize current iron furnace on-line sites and drive traffic to those sites.
  • Provide a place where those without access to their own on-line site can place historical information about historical sites that would not otherwise be available on-line.
  • Provide a comprehensive listing of archeological sites.
  • Consolidate references for researchers and direct users to available related materials.
  • This site is to be maintained without pop-ups or advertisement.

With these goals in mind, editing articles for this site may be as simple as creating the page for the site, correctly categorizing the page, and placing external links to whatever existing sites already describe or explain the site. Or it could be as complex as creating a full article for the site including historical, photographic, and archeologic information. Or it could be somewhere in between.

There is much leeway in how you design a page. HOWEVER, please adhere closely to the Naming Pages and Categories sections on the editorial help page as this will provide consistency within the site and allow for easy infomation retrieval on the part of the Reader.

Please use the forum to make suggestions as to content organization or any other ideas that you may have.